Illustration for Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign.
Illustration for Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign.This one has been in sketch form for a long time now. Sometimes things just synch up.
  • Hello all! Before we ride the mighty steel bird to the land of tacos and charity dinners to attend Comic Palooza in Houston we will be attending an event much closer to home. The Psychic Fair & Art Expo in Middle Town RI is hosted by our own local purveyor of celluloid pictographs the Annex Comics. It will be  May 3rd, at the Knights of Columbus at 7 Valley Road, Middletown, Rhode Island from noon til late. There will be local artists of all kinds, as well as tarot readers, and possibly fire dancers. This is a real small town expo so come on down and show support!

  • Illustration for Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign.A quiet moment from the past. When I draw K’ain and Mei’tii it’s always sad. It’s nice to draw a moment of peace for both of them."Huj agraas b’aas. Huj agraas paandu k’ai Cóng S’ai e bagaat m’ariis. Huj agraas Lagiis."*  *”Together we are reborn. Together we are the dragon father’s wing beat and the blood is washed away. Together we are at peace.”
    Greatest team in the ‘verse.
Full set available at cons.
    Promotional image for Beneath a Dragon’s Wing. Set in the Visible Wyrld, setting for the Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign, this is the flagship production for  Théâtre des Bêtes Visit the website for updates and information about this and other projects of speculative and science fiction audio drama limited only by the imagination.
    Illustration for Ghosts of Aragos campaign.Sur’raan Yül.
    Illustration for Wyrld of Aragos campaign. A’maali and Jun’rae.Some times you sit down to draw and you break your own heart.
    Alternate illustration for Ghosts of Aragos/Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign. Been kicking these around for a while, seemed like a good time to finish them.Blood and Fire Jun’rae
    Alternate illustration for Wyrld of Blood and Fire/Ghosts of Aragos campaign. Been kicking these around for a while, seemed like a good time to finish them.Aragos K’ain.
    Character illustration for Ghosts of Aragos campaign.

Sur’raan Yül was born the son of prominent Cóng Manii artist Ar’raan and the Dunbach Vice Cultural Regent Luthia Yül. He was raised by his father’s brother, a Cóng Jasai in Angwan Moon after both parents were killed in a boating accident on the Straights of Legas. From a young age the boy showed an interest in following his uncle’s vocation and began training in the temple of Va’La’Kaiir. Despite his dedication, his uncle thought it would be best for him to get a broader education before settling on a life as Jasai. So at 18 he went to live with his mother’s family in Corsande City where he attended CAAE, receiving a degree in security and computer technology. Active and athletic, taking advantage of his small stature and Pandu K’ai training, he took up and excelled at intercollegiate fencing. His mother’s brother, a military trainer for Dunbach consul security saw potential in his nephew and got him enrolled in their post graduate training program after which he was offered a position on Arnesi Verni’s security detail. Though torn between a career in Dunbachmoor and returning to Cóng Manaar to continue study at the temple, he was eventually convinced to take the position.
    Because Puppetry is not a dead art.
And of course if you have Scorpius, you have to have Margarita Shooters!
    Illustration for Ghosts of Aragos campaign.
    Never forget the classics.