Work in progress, on ceremonial fu mask. Ears drying in the background.
Foam, felt roving, glue, paint, wire and brads. Built over an Iron Man mask.
are you going to put more chibis in your storenvy store? ^_^


I plan to. Though probably not before Christmas.

If you have any special requests from the gallery I can always make sure to stock them.

Part one of House Sigils. It’s about time.
Kakita no Hachiro.
Baby got a new brush pen. Experimenting with new media.
I’ve been playing with my new pen.
Character Illustration for Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign.Cerisc “Little Bird” Lepres.
"There is a blinking red light up on the mountain."
Illustration for Wyrld of Aragos campaign. 
Jun’rae, late teens, doing his James Dean thing.
Hiram McDaniels. Literally a five headed dragon. Who cares!?
Where have you been? What have you been doing? Well I’ve been illustrating a children’s book! Wait, did I say children’s book? Good God no! This is certainly not a children’s book! It’s just pretending to be one. A twisted tale of Christmas magic. Saving Christmas: A Feel Good Macabre written by the wonderful Jessica MacLean and Dan Desilets. Check them out at More info to come. Hopefully copies will be available in time for Boston Comic Con. 

Copies available on Amazon!
Design for Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign.Good ol’ R&B Apple Ale, will put hair on your chest. Brewed and served only at the Hooded Hawk in Amendar!
Illustration from Wyrld of Blood and Fire.
An abstraction from Dunbachmoor. Influenced by the work of
Illustration for Wyrld of Blood and Fire campaign.
K’ain, the archer.